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650 hunting bird decoy

Technic Data:
Screen:128x64 LCD Dot matrix display screen,can support 17 kinds of languages
Memory Card:insert 1G mini SD card,max support 8G.
power supply:12V lead-acid battery
Max voltage:18V (pls notce: once more than it, it will make the host machine damaged.)
Average working current: 350MA(it equally one speaker play's current)
Peak working current:5A (it equally 2 speakers play's current)
Max output power: 35W X 2
Max output sound pressure: 125DB (it is far away from host machine about 10CM.)
Max voice spread diameter: > 800 meters (Max power status)
Remote control RF : 433M
Remete control Distance: > 800 meters (pull-out the aerial of remote and host machine, make sure all is outside)
Support voice format : MP3, 8K bps-320K bps,WMA,WMV,ASF,5K bps-384K bps
Frequency Response: 20HZ - 20KHZ
Working temp.: -10°--->60°
Size : 100 X 71 X 25mm
Weight: <200G